Sara Riel Foundation – Education and Training

To enact our mission in ensuring the needs of Sara Riel Inc are met, and to maintain our shared
vision of “for people to reach their full potential mentally, physically, socially and spiritually”,
the Foundation has developed an Education and Training department, focused on delivering
workshops and training that enhance the mental health and wellness of our communities.

    Developing pathways to more resilient individuals, communities and workforces.

    SRTraining is a result of recognizing that Sara Riel’s compassionate approach to providing participants with information, training, and skill development – supporting people on their path to reaching their goals – can benefit all community members in the much the same way.

    Our mental health is not just about treating mental illness, its about a sense of connectedness and belonging, fairness and equality, compassion and respect – and those are community issues.

    What better way to strengthen recovery, than to teach not only the individuals that we support, but their families, their friends, their workplaces and their communities.

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