Our Mission, Vision & Value Statements

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide individuals with mental health and substance use/addiction challenges a safe, inclusive and engaging environment where self-determined needs are valued, and all are assisted on their path to reaching their goal.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is for people to reach their full potential mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Value Statement

Our Board, staff, and volunteers embody our values in every interaction.  Our values are:

    • Compassion. We seek to balance emotional concern with an informed course of action.
    • Respect. We offer an inclusive environment and treat people with dignity.
    • Recovery. We encourage a participant centered approach and guide those we serve as they create a Path to Self, a Path to Wellness, a Path to Hope, and Path to Empowerment.

Over 40,000 calls supporting Manitobans through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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