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Make a Donation

Over 10,000 calls supporting Manitobans through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Struggling? Need to talk?

Make a Donation

Thanks to you, your donations help us provide programs, services and supports that help our community thrive.

They cheer my progress alongside me and keep encouraging me.

- Participant

Become a Volunteer

We are always searching for adept and enthusiastic volunteers. Our volunteers play a pivotal role in our organization and community.

The counsellors are amazing, working with you and giving you amazing tools you use on your journey. My counsellor checks in on me often, we have individual meetings and phone sessions as well as workshops you can opt into that all aid you.

- Julie C., Participant

About Sara Riel Inc.

Sara Riel’s mission is to provide those individuals with mental health and substance use/addiction challenges a safe, inclusive and engaging environment where self-determined needs are valued, and all are assisted on their path to reaching their goals.

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