1-2-1 Peer Outreach

Maybe you just want to get out, go for a walk or grab a coffee – and there is just no-1 out there who wants to go?

Maybe you feel like there are things you just can’t share with any-1 in your circles – for fear they will judge you?

Maybe you think it would be helpful to have some-1 supportive to talk through a problem you are experiencing?

Whatever your reason, Sara Riel’s 1-2-1 Peer Outreach Volunteers are waiting to be the 1 … that can be there for you.

What is 1-2-1 Peer Outreach Program

1-2-1 Peer Outreach is an initiative to bring peer support and connection to a community in need. Sara Riel has a team of volunteers that are available to go out into the community to conduct safe, public visits with individuals wanting a break from their limited connections, be it with family (who may not be open to hearing about their struggles) or paid resource workers (who only want to talk about them).

Whether it’s the fear and anxiety of getting out there again after the pandemic, or a depression that resulted from feeling locked up for so long (and perhaps choosing less healthy coping strategies), the goal of the program is to re-establish much-needed connection within the community.

What do you want to do?

Some people express a need to share their mental health or struggles with addictions safely, openly and without judgement, while others are just appreciative to have a conversation about anything but their daily challenges.

Maybe there’s a chore or appointment you have to attend to        and just feel better having someone there with you.

Could be a difficult situation you have to deal with, and you        want to bounce some ideas off someone to see what works best.

Where do you want to go?

This is your chance to get back out there… after so long in isolation what’s going to make you most comfortable?

Visit a coffee shop or a public library, window shop at a mall, walk around the neighbourhood or a nearby park.

As long as you and your 1-2-1 Peer Outreach Volunteer feel safe and agree on the place, the possibilities are limitless. 

When considering how you want to get back out there, it is important to note that our 1-2-1 Peer Outreach Volunteers do not have access to funds for participants transportation (bus tickets, fares) or amenities (meals, tickets, entry fees).


Do you, or someone you know, have what it takes to help    someone get back their sense of belonging in the community?

If your life experience has included challenges as a result of    mental health, substance use or addictions, and in your time      have achieved a level of recovery where you feel your experience may benefit others, then we’d like you to consider joining our    team of 1-2-1 Peer Outreach Volunteers.

For more information call Besher Kashalo: 204-297-9632          Sara Riel – Peer/Volunteer Coordinator


Sara Riel is honoured to have the United Way – Winnipeg recognize the need for this dynamic approach to addressing the isolation, fears and loneliness of a community struggling back from isolation, and funding our 1-2-1 Peer Outreach Project with a generous grant.

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