Seneca Respite Services

If you are at that place where you feel no one is listening – or could even possibly understand what you are going through – then Seneca Services may be for you.

Seneca Services provides a safe, supportive and home-like environment where people living with mental health challenges are empowered to address their self-identified needs through thoughtful respite and peer support.

24-Hour Respite

Seneca Services provides 24-hour respite support for up to five (5) guests at a time, for up to five (5) nights per visit.

Peer Led

Seneca Services is staffed with Peer Support Workers, who have all experienced a level of recovery from a mental health challenge. While they may not have experienced exactly what you have, they have shared something similar, which may be of some advantage to anyone on a recovery journey.

Modern Accommodations

Seneca Services provide respite services in a modern apartment block located in St. Boniface, featuring five (5) bedrooms, two (2) full bathrooms, with a large kitchen and dining area on one end and comfortable and relaxing living area on the other.

Seneca Services is not a “crisis centre” – our services are best-suited for those persons requiring a break, experiencing isolation or encountering what we might term “pre-crisis” situations, prior to their escalation to crisis.

In order to take advantage of Seneca Respite, your first step is to apply to Sara Riel Inc.

2 Ways to Apply

To find out more about Seneca Services, contact us at (204) 231-0217.

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