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Compassion, Respect, Recovery

Mental Health and Addiction Support

Sara Riel Inc. exists to provide community-based supports to persons who experience issues with mental illness or mental health challenges including substance use disorders and addictions.

It is with Compassion and Respect that we support our participants on their journeys to achieve their full potential.

Path to Self

Sara Riel Inc. helps individuals learn to define themselves by their personal qualities and not label themselves by diagnoses.

Self-stigma can occur when people internalize public attitudes. By addressing how we feel about ourselves, without these negative influences, we can lessen the numerous negative consequences and create and continue to grow and prosper.

Path to Hope

Sara Riel Inc. helps individuals to recognize their own potential for recovery and cultivate hope for better circumstances.

Hope is a necessary element throughout a recovery journey – it can sometimes be the only thing that keeps us moving forward in the face of adversity. Learning methods to develop, build on, foster and maintain hope are key to our success.

Path to Wellness

Sara Riel Inc. helps individuals find and develop tools to better understand and manage their mental health more successfully.

Recovery is hard work, and we need to keep ourselves strong enough to prevail. We need to ensure we can manage, and balance, our overall health and wellness in all aspects of our lives – mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, etc.

Path to Empowerment

Sara Riel Inc. helps individuals to build capacity and provides structure and strategies to problem solve more effectively.

We can often be left disheartened and demoralized when we don’t achieve goals we have set for ourselves – and leery to see how goal setting helps solve problems. Learning strategies to ensure success can build our confidence and competence.

Over 40,000 calls supporting Manitobans through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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