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Raising mental health awareness is crucial in fighting against the stigma surrounding mental health struggles and fostering a compassionate community where people feel supported. Organizing a fundraiser for Sara Riel, a dedicated mental health and addictions non profit organization, allows YOU to actively contribute to creating a world where everyone can access the care and services they deserve, and make an impact in the journey towards mental well-being for all.

Ideas for your next fundraiser:

  • Garage Sale – Organize your own garage sale or work with friends to sell gently used items this spring!
  • 24-Giving Challenge – Ignite community spirit by creating a 24 hour giving challenge. This can be an exciting event for collecting donations!
  • Bake Sale – Organize a bake sale where your colleagues can donate baked goods to sell!
  • Bingo Night – Set up a community bingo night with a small entry fee- prizes can be all sorts of things from money to donated goods!
  • Car Wash Day – Set up a car wash station and turn the chore of cleaning vehicles into a community event!
  • Movie Night – Hold a movie night in the gymnasium and donate the entry fee and food proceeds!
  • Sell a Product Drive – This could be popcorn, cookie dough, chocolate bars, etc. Partner with a local fundraising company to organize!
  • Walk-a-thon or Read-a-thon – Students collect money for how far they walk or how many books they read!

To ask about how we can help with your fundraising efforts for Sara Riel, contact:

Karen Carr
Development and Marketing Manager
[email protected]

Erinn Wigston
Community Connections Coordinator
[email protected]


Current Fundraisers:

Wellness Walk & Run

Join Ace Burpee & Sara Riel and walk or run
to support Mental Health Awareness

Sign up today! Walk as an individual, or sign up as a team of 4. Early bird pricing to sign up before April 12th.

Learn more.

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For Mental Health Awareness

Let us know about your plans to fundraise for Sara Riel and we’ll advertise on our website and on social media!

Link to your website or more information here.

Rose to Recovery Necklace

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A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Outside of organizing and contributing to fundraisers, you can support our programs, services, and participants by donating. Thank you for supporting our mission and those walking the path of recovery.

Over 40,000 calls supporting Manitobans through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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