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Livingworks safeTALK:

Supporting People
Who May Experience
Thoughts of Suicide

safeTALK — Suicide Awareness for Everyone

Although many professionals are trained in suicide prevention, it is sometimes challenging for a person with thoughts of suicide to think of, or consider, seeking out a professional as a resources, or even know how to access their services.

Family, friends or even co-workers may be the first people to notice changes in behaviour that could lead to thoughts of suicide, so it is especially important that they know how to recognize and then calmly and confidently talk about thoughts of suicide.

This training is the appropriate solution for the first contact of someone who may be having thoughts of suicide.

Livingworks ASIST:

Supporting People
Who May Experience
Thoughts of Suicide

ASIST– Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Livingworks ASIST is an internationally standardized program
that can help you to be comfortable and confident in supporting
a person experiencing thoughts of suicide.

ASIST provides easy to understand suicide first aid skills, and
a step-by-step, “Pathway to Assisting Life”, connecting people
to plans and resources designed to keep them safe from suicide.

People who struggle with thoughts of suicide typically seek help
and understanding first from their friends, family, teachers,
coaches, coworkers, supervisors, clergy, etc. – People just like you!

Consider becoming an ASIST Caregiver — someone may need you!

Building Connection:
Peer Support Training

Compassionate Peer Support Specialist Training Program

If you have lived-experience of your own mental health challenges,
and have become successful in managing the issues that arise as a result, then you already have the unique and valuable perspective of a Peer Support Specailst.

This training helps you to develop the skills necessary to build connection, reduce stigma, and use evidence-based models of support that can help others on their journey to recovery.

Being a Peer Support Specialist can be a rewarding and meaningful way for you to contribute to the mental health and well-being of your communities.

Provided through a lens of Compassion, Respect and Recovery, our 10-day “Peer Support Specialist Training” follows the guidelines and competencies outlined by both Peer Support Accreditation and Certification Canada (PSACC) and the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC).

Peer Support
Specialist Training:
Fundamentals of
Rural Peer Support

Igniting Change in Your Rural Communities

If you are a changemaker who is passionate about helping others, this 2-day workshop will equip you with the tools to become a leader in your rural community.

Offered in partnership with Stigma Free Society, this training is designed to empower rural residents to become peer support facilitators and eradicate mental health stigma. In this 2-day training, you will learn the fundamentals you will need to deliver effective peer support and start your own peer support program.


Addiction Training:
for service providers

for families of persons
struggling with addiction

for persons struggling
with addiction


Conflict Resolution:
skills for Sport Leaders
managing difficult behaviours
and situations.

Compassionate Care:
Helping Others Break Free from Addiction

Healing Together:
Supporting a Loved One on Their Journey to Recovery

From Struggle to Strength:
Support Strategies for Recovery from Addictions

Sideline Strategies:
Thriving as a Coach or Referee

Contact the Trainer: David Stewart, Manager of Education & Training – [email protected]


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